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NASCAR's Brickyard 400 drew a crowd of 275,000 people when it debuted at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1994. And it came at a great time, as then-Speedway President Tony George created the Indy Racing League, which depressed Indy 500 interest for years. 

But fast forward 25 years and the Brickyard 400 is facing its own issues. Last year, only about 70,000 people attended the race — although it did turn a profit.

Host Mason King interviews IMS President Doug Boles about the track's efforts to turn the race around — including moving it to a cooler date and adding a dirt-track race. And then King talks with IBJ's Anthony Schoettle about whether those efforts are likely to work.

Read Anthony's story about the Brickyard 400 for even more information.

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Central Indiana business leaders are pushing lawmakers to pass a hate-crime law, joining 45 states that already have one in place. They say without it, Indiana is an unappealing place for workers, especially younger workers who want their employers involved in social and community issues.

Host Mason King talks with Ann Murtlow, CEO of United Way of Central Indiana, and Jeff Smulyan, CEO of Emmis Communications, about why they signed a letter of support for a hate-crime law. And Mason role plays with both, pretending to be a lawmaker who needs to be convinced to vote for the legislation.

For more information, check out IBJ reporter Lindsey Erdody's story in this week's IBJ.

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Cassie Stockamp, president of the Athenaeum Foundation Inc., will leave the organization later this year to travel around the world and volunteer for charities wherever she goes.

Host Mason King talks with Stockamp about why she's choosing to leave the group she has led through a reinvigoration—and why she's doing it now, at 57 years old, when most people are worried more about saving for retirement.

Stockamp explains why it helps to be frugal, why she's trying not to plan her trip too much and what she thinks about the Athenaeum's future.


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Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak, the mother/daughter duo who star on HGTV's "Good Bones," talked to host Mason King about the show's fourth season, why being on TV doesn't make you rich and why Laine is semi-retiring. Plus, learn about the home-decor store they're planning to open and what they think about charges that they're contributing to gentrification in Fountain Square, Bates-Hendricks and other near-downtown neighborhoods.

Learn more about the duo's company Two Chicks and a Hammer, and how the woman are working to diversify their incomes at our story: Priorities evolve as ‘Good Bones’ stars begin filming fourth season.


Photo courtesy of HGTV.

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