Deciphering 5G and the new Indiana 5G Zone

Everybody in tech is talking about 5G—the newest generation of wireless technology. In the simplest terms, it means faster data service for smart phones and other devices.

But experts say 5G is about so much more. So host Mason King talks with Bill Soards, president of AT&T Indiana, and Sean Hendrix, who is the director of emerging technologies and partnerships for Purdue Research Foundation, about why 5G matters and how it could be used in the manufacturing, agricultural and other sectors.

They also explain the Indiana 5G Zone, which is set to open in downtown Indianapolis with Hendrix at the helm. The zone's mission is to accelerate innovation of 5G-related technologies throughout the state and support the technology’s deployment in industry and academia—and it puts Indianapolis at the forefront of the 5G revolution.

If you want to know even more about the Indiana 5G Zone, read this story by Anthony Schoettle from the Jan. 3 issue of IBJ.

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